These are a sampling from a particular website we advertise on (or randomly submitted email). They are unsolicited and unchanged.

Patty has the best puppies!! I bought a little Wheaten/Bichon from patty, and he is just fantastic! very healthy, very loveable, and so smart! he knows how to run to the news paper to go potty. He has not cried since we brought him home, he is so gentle and laid back, we can really tell our little Murphy had alot of love, and socialization before we brought him home. I would definately say pattys pups is the best place to purchase a puppy, they are kept in her home with her family and given alot of love!!”
Leni Nimsgern
“I adopted a brindle French Bulldog, originally named Jordan, from Patty today. She answered all my questions and was very fast with her replies. She agreed to meet me the next day. I was provided with information on shots, wormings, etc. I was very happy to see the dogs indoors and taken care of. Jordan, now named Gatsby, came home with us today and has taken to us quite quickly. He is very affectionate and spunky. Everyone loves him and thinks he’s beautiful. Gatsby is quite the charmer and it was one of the best decisions I made.”
“I just adopted a Westie puppy from Patty. I have never adopted on line before and she made it so easy. I was nervous and had many questions. Patty answered all my questions and was very understanding. I even called her while she was out of town visiting family during the Christmas Holidays and she was always there to answer my questions. I had to have the puppy flown to me and Patty took care of all the details. I called many other breeders before finding Patty and I could tell by her knowledge and honesty that she was the person for me. Layla is now a wonderful addition to our family! She is beautiful and our vet said she is in great shape. She does have kennel cough but after a few days on antibiotic she is doing fine. I will adopt from Patty again in the future if I decide to expand my family. Thanks Patty for making this an enjoyable adoption!!”
Lori Dierig
“We bought a white boxer puppy from Patty about a month ago now and he is great! Very smart loving and playful. When I called Patty she was so kind over the phone I went and picked up Tyson that night. Her home is clean and the puppies looked well cared for. She gave me all the paperwork for the puppy as well as a little food. Tysons getting bigger and bigger every week and he LOVES to play. I have even had a few questions for Patty after we bought our puppy and she responded to my emails with in a day- actually within a few hours! Would definately recommend. Would even take the other fawn 4mo old boxer that I believe is Tysons litter mate if we had the room 🙁 Anyways, long story short, Patty is a caring person and has great puppies :)”n in the future if I decide to expand my family. Thanks Patty for making this an enjoyable adoption!!”
“We purchased Wrigley about a month ago and she is the PERFECT addition to our family! She has a GREAT personality, is GREAT with adults, children and other dogs. I would highly recommend Patty as a good person to purchase your pet from. She will be there to answer any questions and made our internet experience a positive one. We are very happy with our new puppy and hope Patty will continue to sell puppies and bring the same joy to others as she has to our family. Thank you Patty! The Heffrons Dallas, TX.”
“We brought home a little female morkie (Zoe) last week. She is the sweetest, healthiest, smartest little puppy!!The 4 hour drive was well worth it. Zoe is wonderful! Our Vet was impressed at how healthy she was. Patty’s place was very clean and the puppies are well taken care of. If you are looking for a healthy, well taken care of puppy.. you should go to Patty’s.”
“We purchased a teddy bear from you on Mother’s Day and he is everything we were looking for. He cried the first night and that was it. He doesnt even wake up to go out overnight and doesnt potty in his crate. Going potty outside and on the paper without many accidents at all. A very lovable puppy. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that is looking for a puppy.”
the Reck family
“Hi, I just found this site when we were looking for another puppy to purchase from Patty. We had gotten our little Nolee from Patty last year. Patty had already started the puppies on paper training so it made it much easier for us to litter train our puppy and then potty training later. Patty takes great care of her puppies and it really shows when you visit her and the puppies at her house. One common mistake many people have written is that she is a breeder. She is not a breeder but is a dog dealer. I know many dog dealers get a bad rep., so I want everyone to know that Patty is not like most at all. She cares about her puppies and the welfare of them and that the family they are going to are good homes. Thanks Patty and we look forward to getting another puppy from you soon. Nolee’s mom and dad.”
“We bought our Bichon from Patty about 3 weeks ago and she is the sweetest little girl. The minute she was home she was curious and very lovable. Patty is a nice woman and you can tell that she loves dogs. She is ready to answer any questions and is full of knowledge. Thank you for our little Bichon, Orchata. :)”
“I would like to begin by saying that Mrs. Patty Rich is a true dog lover. She was so helpful in answering any questions that I asked her. She was willing to send me pictures of her dogs. We received our puppy yesterday via airplane. She is well behaved and so sweet. I would recommend her to anyone looking for any of the dogs that Mrs. Rich breeds. She is a wonderful person and breeder. You can tell that she cares about her dogs and who they are sold to. My female West Highland Terrier is so cute and adorable. I still can’t get over how sweet she is. Her puppies must be well handled because it only took about 2 minutes for my puppy to get used to me. Anyone reading this wants to contact me you are more than welcome. Thanks, Cammie Boudreaux and Christopher Guidry”
“I’ve just recently purchased my little yorki (tootsie) who is 12 weeks from Patty. She was very helpful and kind. I would recommend her to anyone and my little girl is very healthy and in a caring home. Patty provides great care for her dogs and is extremly nice!!!”
“Well, I just bought the little Yorkie-Pom yesterday, what a sweetheart! I was so impressed when I went to this breeders home! All her dogs and puppy’s were in great health and her place was so clean. What I really loved about this breeder was I saw how this was more then just a business, she truly cared for each and every one of the dogs and had names for them. The love that the dogs receive from her show! I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone that is looking for a smaller breed like Yorkies, Poodles, Poms and a few others. This Breeders receives an A++ and I highly recommend her! Email me if you want: westernairegal@aol.com”
“Patty sold my family the sweetest Goldendoodle just before Thanksgiving. His color is a mix of burnt orange and brown. He is as fat as a teddy bear and super cuddly. We found Patty by chance and she let me visit her home with all four of our kids and she was patient and gave us privacy. We spent as much time as we wanted and she’d answer questions if I had them. I still contact her with questions or for tips and she is nice and helpful. Thanks for Maverick Patty!”
“We purchased our Cavashon through Patty about 3 wks ago. We live in St. Louis and Patty made the arrangements to have her flown here. We had only seen pictures and were a little nervous about the whole deal. Patty anwsered all of my questions and called that evening and a few days later to make sure all was well. The vet was impressed by how healthy she was. Mia is outgoing and not afraid of anything (even airplanes). She obviously had a great start in life – thanks to Patty.”
“Patty was wonderful. I was worried about buying online site unseen. She made it so easy, sent me pictures, talked with me about any questions I had, made me feel very comfortable with the whole deal. Maisie arrived today, thanks Patty & Jim. She was the most precious Westie. She adjusted immediatly, sign of a good upbringing. She is very social & relaxed, a joy to have as apart of our family. I would highly recommend Patty. She take very good care of her puppies & is more then willing to answer any questions. Thanks again Patty & Jim. Maisie, Vicki & Gary Plackett”
“Excellent seller, we got our little puggle from them ,love him to peices would definately recommend they let us look at all the puppies and take our time, and gave lots of good advise with the new puppy definately check them out.”
“Patty is an excellent seller to work with! I was nervous about buying a puppy online so I finally found Patty who lives about an hour drive away. We talked on the phone and then we drove to her house and picked out our puppy. She gave us plenty of time and space to choose which puppy we liked. She was very patient in explaining everything we needed to know about our new puppy and wrote down important things so we wouldn’t forget them. The puppy ended up having a nasty cold and Patty was great! She paid the vet bills no problem and even took the puppy back to care for him since we are first time pet owners and were nervous. We’ve had Duncan back with us for the last month and he is doing great! Very healthy and energetic. If we were to ever buy another puppy we would definately deal with Patty again. Thanks so much for our wonderful Puggle Pup Duncan! We couldn’t ask for a better dog! Kristin”
“I bought Snow White from her and I would say Patty is awesome! She told me all the infos. I need to know, she gave me a piece of blanket to keep Snow White warm in her crate when I forgot to bring one for her. She is so thoughtful! I highly recommend this seller!”