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    IMG_6292 (2)

    Cock-A-Poo$1295Male4 lbs
  • IMG_6129 (2)

    Teddy Bear$995Female3.5 lbs
  • IMG_6071

    Teddy Bear$995Female3 lbs
  • IMG_5994 (2)

    Teddy Bear$995Male3 lbs
  • IMG_5978 (2)

    Teddy Bear$995Male3lbs
  • IMG_5890

    Mini GoldenDoodle$1595Female5 lbs
  • IMG_5782 (2)

    Cavachons$1095Female3.5 lbs
  • IMG_5970 (2)

    Toy Poodle$1295.Female2 lbs
  • IMG_5955 (2)

    Toy Poodle1295.Male2 lbs
  • IMG_5930

    Teddy Bear$995Female3 lbs
  • IMG_5913 (2)

    Teddy Bear$995Male3.5 lbbs
  • IMG_5966 (2)

    Golden Retrievers$995Female12 lbs
  • IMG_5672

    Female Malti-Poo$995Female2.4lbs
  • IMG_5468

    Teddy Bear$995Female3 lbs
  • IMG_6100

    Malti-Poo$995Female3 lbs
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